Puzzle Graffiti by Pref

vWhile some people may say graffiti is just dull and pure vandalism, I gotta disagree with that, as on the last decade I’ve seen tons of the most creative and talented graffiti writers. Guys like Pref are not about only writing a name on a wall, but to experiment new creative ways to express, as his puzzle graffiti pieces.

You can see more from Pref at his Flickr Gallery.

Pref Pref.


Up the heat.

Pref is just a word.

Work hard paly dirty

Life slow die old.

Not fun at all.

Not my cup of tea.

One for the crew.

Same old shit.

All in a days work.

About the author

My name is Marcos Torres, I’m Graphic Artist from Porto Alegre, Brasil. You can get to know more about me by acessing my Personal Website or by following me on Twitter: @marcos333. You can also see some of my last projects at my Flickr.

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