An updated look

A mixed bouquet of hybrid Nerine sarniensis picked in the greenhouse today.

White berried Callicarpa, Clematis ‘Jingle Bells and Nerine sarniensis -all picked in the garden and greenhouse today.

First of all – yes, I am significantly redesigning my blog. This is part of a more elaborate transition, as I reach 1 million page hits next month, I felt it was time to grow up, and create a blog design which is more interactive, more simple, more   friendly and yes, something we can grow with. This is just phase one of many changes you will see over the next month as I tweak the design. Please bear with me with odd images, and odd-centered objects – I need to do this on my own time late at night, and I fear it will take some time. Please, do let me know what you think about the design.

Again, it is Nerine season in the greenhouse. Every year I swear that I am going to give them all away so that I can clear off the benches to make room for something new, but then, they bloom, and I can’t even imagine what October or November would be like without their coral, pink, scarlet and white blooms. Also,  I’m one of those rare fellows who loves November. In fact, I love winter. Odd, yes – for a gardener, but there is something about crisp, cold weather and snow that allows me to focus on plants. Maybe it’s because summer offers too many distractions. regardless, I admit that I like those transitional seasons. Spring and Autumn – it may just be a simple case of getting bored. Just when I begin to yawn with boredom, everything changes again.

As I focus on my blog design, enjoy these nerine images.

Puppy Cam – Big Puppy, Tiny Runt Puppy. Their eyes are not open yet.

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