A Backlog of Books


I’ve been in Portland for two months, living the good life as visiting faculty at Portland State University and occupying a swell apartment provided to me by Tin House.  I’m home now, but I’m nowhere near caught up.  Anyway, there are four books on my desk that I am very excited about and want to tell you about immediately, even though I’ve barely had time to glance at them. Still, I want you to know about them, so here they are:

Valerie Easton’s Petal and Twig:  Seasonal Bouquets with Blossoms, Branches, and Grasses from Your Yard, from Sasquatch Books.  Totally charming little book illustrated with week-by-week seasonal bouquets.  Lovely.  Check it out.

Allen J. Coombes’ The A to Z of Plant Names, from Timber,  exactly the sort of botanical geekery I love, the sort of book that will tell you that the name Echium comes from that crackpot Dioscorides, who “likened the seeds to a snake’s head and recommended it as an anti-venom.”  Yeah, that’ll probably work.

The Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook.  This book makes me hungry.  That is all.

Clyde Phillip Wachsberger’s posthumously published memoir (he died last fall, only 3 months after he married his longtime love Charles) Into the Garden With Charles, from FSG.  With that link I’m sending you to Debra Prinzing’s wonderful account of how this book came into being.  Go read it–it’s a sweet, sad story.  I’m looking forward to reading the book (which is illustrated with the author’s paintings, which makes me love it all the more), but until I do, all I can say is:  Yes!  More gay garden memoirs, please!  I mean, not that it’s a prerequisite or anything, but for crying out loud.  Garden literature should be much, much more gay.  That’s my opinion.  The love stories of gay gardeners must be told. Let’s have them, people! Get to it!




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